High School

Starting in 9th grade, our experienced staff provide rigorous academic instruction, quality mentorship and advising to ensure that students are admitted into competitive colleges and experience a rich and rewarding college education.

“When I first heard of SEO, I had zero interest, but my friends all applied. And though, at 13, I was unmoved by the promise of opportunity, I did succumb to positive peer pressure. SEO changed my life and believed in me more than I believed in myself.”

- Julio, Stanford University Class of 2022

The Program includes:

Saturday Academy

A full day of “school” is provided three Saturdays per month during the academic year. Experienced teachers deliver a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum of reading, writing, grammar and math. Classes are discussion-based and reflect college courses.

Summer Academy

Our month-long Summer Academy features all-day classes Monday through Friday.

After-School Instruction and Tutoring

Weekly after-school seminar-style classes and small-group tutoring is a vital component.

SAT Strategy Course

Saturday Academy continues through the 11th grade, concluding in an SAT strategy course in the spring.


Scholars work one-on-one with volunteer mentors during the 11th grade.
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Summer Enrichment Programs

Scholars participate in summer enrichment programs that promote leadership and independence, including travel abroad, during the summer before the 12th grade.
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College Applications and Financial Aid

Scholars are guided through the college application process under the guidance of our college admissions team. They visit campuses, meet with admissions officers, and receive intensive essay-writing assistance. They also get one-on-one financial aid counseling and support in applying for scholarships and financial aid so that no matter what their family income level, they can attend the best school to which they are accepted.

The support continues when a Scholar is accepted into college.

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